We are the Brooklyn Theater Workshop: a group of giant nerds making theater that aims to be socially conscious, wickedly smart, and definitely a little bit weird.


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We are passionate creatives who want to know more, see more, & share more of what makes us tick.

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We've got events planned, like our annual Mac and Cheese Competition, lectures and concerts. 

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Our inaugural production of Macbeth performs March 7-10 at Target Margin in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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Learn more about our upcoming production of the infamous “Scottish Play”


We are nerds. We like weird stuff and have zero chill about it. We were the weird kids, the geeks in high school, who went on to get nerdy college degrees. One day we uprooted our lives and moved to New York, a city chock full of every kind of nerd imaginable. And then, we found each other. Other people just as full of joy, intensity, and odd facts about obscure subjects as we were. Fellow nerds. We rejoiced thinking, “I can work with this.”

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Company and Creatives

Get to know the nerds who started BTW, the brilliant talent we are ravenous to feature, and exactly what makes us geek out.